Getting Away From It All

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Getting Away From It All

If you really want to get away from it all, there’s no better place than Central Australia.

Alice Springs is at the heart of what must be one of the world’s greatest escapes. The sheer size and awesomeness of the Jewel of Australia is the same now as when it was first walked. With 400,000 years of human history waiting for you, why not become the latest to take it all in?

Whereas earlier visitors travelled the area by foot, you have an advantage. Camping rentals are the perfect way to get out there and do it.

Perfect Choice

Hiring a 4WD to explore the Centre is a great way to go. You want to be sure that your vehicle is up to the job, and won’t let you down.This is one of the advantages of hiring rather than taking your own.

You can be sure your hire has been passed fit for purpose, and not worry about flogging it a bit. A good rental company in the Centre should have the best specification of vehicles, ideal for the job of exploring. These are generally not the kind of 4WDs used by commuters.

Your vehicle should be able to cope with the conditions. This means heat and dust for the most part, in some remote locations. Filters, tyres and all electrical equipment need to be working to their fullest extent. You also need enough space to pack everything you’ll need for your trip. This includes the most important thing; the people who are going.

The best 4WD vehicles offer comfort as well as brilliant engineering. Getting away from it all doesn’t mean going without air conditioning, for example. As your holiday will involve some long distances, you want yourself and your passengers as comfortable as possible. Attention to detail is very important in these situations.

Right Equipment

Really experienced camping rentals come with much more than the right vehicle for your trip. As you’ll be exploring and staying in some extreme places, you should take all the help you can get. If you’re halfway to Uluru or Kata Tjuta, you don’t want to turn back because you forgot something important. This is when an experienced local renter really comes into their own.

A company based in the Centre will know exactly what you’ll need for your trip, and provide you with it. This could mean anything from the right swag to advice on which tracks to avoid. Of course, you’ll need the right maps and contact details in case you need help. But the advice of experienced local vehicle renters is probably the most important thing you can take with you.

Learn More

For more about what to expect from a good camping rentals firm in Central Australia, give us a call. There’s loads of useful advice on our website to get you started on your travel plans.

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