Glen Helen 1

Glen Helen

Glen Helen was named after Helen Grant, the niece of Alexander Grant, who took up the first lease of Glen Helen Station, the property on which the gorge was located.
Today the term Glen Helen is applied to the lodge, the gorge near the lodge and the surrounding 368 hectare Nature Park controlled by the Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory.
The present chalet has had many owners across the years and nestles beside the Finke River where it has cut the gorge through the ranges over eons.
The ranges dominate the Southern view and it is possible to climb to vantage points on the face to get photographs across the river and chalet to Mount Sonder.
Glen Helen has all facilities including accommodation, campgrounds, meals, snacks, bar, petrol, souvenirs and information. It is a popular getaway destination for Alice Springs locals and a perfect place to relax after exploring all the attractions between Alice Springs and the chalet.
At various times it has displayed and sold art, had camel and horse safaris and fulfilled most activities expected of remote hosting in the Outback. Currently Helicopter tours are available and offer an amazing overview of the region.