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Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is situated in Watarrka National Park on the western edge of the George Gill Ranges.
Distance from Alice Springs is 465 kilometres and Ayers rock, 320 kilometres.
Watarrka National Park is an important conservation area with rock holes and gorges providing refuge for over 600 species of plants and many native animals. The sheer red rock face of Kings Canyon soars over 100 metres above dense forests of palms, ferns and cycads, sheltering them from the surrounding desert conditions.
A moderately challenging six-kilometre walk takes in magnificent views of the Canyon rim. Walk amongst the domes of The Lost City and into the Garden of Eden – a sheltered valley with permanent waterholes and lush vegetation. The walk is suitable for fit, relatively experienced walkers and can be completed in about three to four hours. The shorter and easier Creek Walk leads into the centre of the Canyon. Both walks are highly recommended.
Derived from an Aboriginal word referring to the umbrella bush that thrives here, Watarrka National Park has been home to the Luritja people for more than 20,000 years. The area was little known to Europeans until recently; Ernest Giles being the first white man to explore the area in 1872, naming the canyon, ranges and alot of the area.
Accommodation ranging from motel-style to campsites is available at the Kings Canyon Resort, seven kilometres from the Park, where there is also a service station and a shop. Kings Creek Station, 36 kilometres from the Park also has campsites up market and budget style accommodation.