The Red Centre Bird Festival, Alice Springs NT

The Red Centre Bird Festival, Alice Springs NT

Australia’s Red Centre is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, which house many iconic, endemic and rare species of birds that are notoriously difficult to observe elsewhere in the country. The stunning desert habitats are surprisingly varied – woodlands, riverine, range and gorge habitats and spinifex covered sand dunes. The desert provides haven for over 180 species of common and elusive birds, and is a bird watchers oasis.

Resident species that are regularly sighted include Rufous-crowned Emu-wren, Spinifex Pigeons, Crimson Chats and Painted Pinches. Playful parrots to be seen include flocks of Budgies, Major Mitchells Cockatoo and Bourke’s Parrots. Migratory and nomadic birds including Pink-eared Ducks, Orange Chats, Sandpipers, Stints, Snipe’s and Pratincoles will be waiting for you!

The Red Centre invites you to visit and participate in a jam-packed Festival program, including expert-guided tours and field trips, educational sessions with local bird experts, Raptor shows/encounters, children’s and family activities. Save the date today, and check the Facebook site for event/program updates.

Alice Springs Desert Park

As distinctive as the Australian desert itself – a truly unique experience that continues to captivate and educate travellers from every corner of the globe. There’s much more to deserts than meets the eye and our visitors are astonished by the life and beauty they discover on their journey with us.

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At the base of the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges and just 10 minutes drive from Alice Springs, the Desert Park is closely connected to the local Arrernte people and embraces parts of the Akngwelye and Yeperenye Altyerre (Wild Dog and Caterpillar) dreaming stories. The stories and history of the Arrernte people, together with the plants and animals they are responsible for, are told through the interpretation and creation of three distinct desert habitats – Desert Rivers, Sand Country and Woodland. These habitats allow visitors to experience desert life as it really is. Guide presentations, a free flying bird show and the opportunity to see endangered animals in the Nocturnal House are some of the highlights.

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Car Rentals in Alice Springs

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